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I began playing Disc Golf about 35 years go in northern California where I was a founding member of the Par Infinity Disc Golf Club, which is still going strong in Humboldt County. We began throwing our discs in the redwood forests behind Humboldt State University.


The sport itself is some 50 years old, evolving from the Frisbee©, the team sport of Ultimate Frisbee and other related frisbee sports. It is just as addicting as the regular (ball) golf but has an easier and much less expensive learning curve.


When I moved east in 1990, I looked into the local disc golf scene and soon ran into Dan Doyle, sort of the Johnny Appleseed of disc golf in the northeast. He has designed at least 25 disc golf courses throughout the region including Rutgers University (1980), Greenwood Lake (1988), Warwick Town Park (1999 and 2006), Campgaw (2005) and mostly recently at his farm, The Oasis, which is also the home of Limetree Roadside PubCafe.


These courses straddle the border of NY/NJ and since 2004 have come under the auspices of the Skylands Flying Disc Club which has about 200 members. There are now thousands of courses spread across the country and a national disc golf association (PDGA) which has 170,000+ members. Dan’s member # is in the 300s, mine is #5592.

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