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The Joy of Disc Golf

By Tony Forder

Gosh darnit, I just done fell in love with disc golf again

So easy to dwell on the mistakes...but

All it takes is a good experience

No matter how many courses you play

Sandwiched in parks or grander

You're gonna eventually find an "experience"

A course in a place that's different

It might be just for you, but that's ok

For me 1000 Acres is such a place

That takes disc golf therapy to a spiritual level

There's only one other "experience", in my experience, that equates

The legendary High Siskiyous Shootout, a wilderness tournament

Originated by OGs of Par Infinity Disc Golf in the late 1980s

On the border of California and Oregon

A meadow was disc-overed, Young's Valley, 5,000ft high under the shoulder of Preston Peak

Dimensions perfect for 18 holes, the discs sored magically...and still do today

As they do at 1000 Acres Ranch, located in the Adirondacks near Lake George

Although lacking the lofty elevation,

It's as if discs are lifted by the fast flowing waters of the Hudson

Or on the wings of a heron

I played the Summer Kick-Off event end of May and ok it didn't suck that I had my wise and mysterious caddy by my side, or that I won the 2nd round CTP on my last throw of the tourney, or that I played the first round with awesome Disc Goddesses Dana Lit and Christy Bettit. Plus, the people at the host venue are super nice and accommodating (yes, food and accommodations...and bar!), and if you like horses – bonus! Plus, special rates for disc golfers.

And all thanks to Dan Doyle, the visionary course designer, who immediately saw the potential of the Ranch's moribund 9-hole ball golf course, to become not only a top disc golf course, but a true disc golf resort. If you don't believe me, just ask Innova Co-Founder and Disc Golf legend Harold Duvall – he was there at the tourney with his son Andrew, checking the venue for a major PDGA event (think Skins).

Next tournament is August 27. Check Skylands Disc Golf of DisCap facebook pages for updates.

Or register here

More info on the 1000 Acres Ranch Resort

*When you book a room or cabin, make sure you ask for the discounted disc golf rates.

You can buy inclusive meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – or pay for each meal as you go.

"Headwaters of the Hudson flow on by

As Adirondack spirit brings you nigh

The cry of an eagle you may hear

As you try to lure your birdies near" - 11/21


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