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Tag Talk - From 0 to #150 in 60 seconds

Updated: May 6, 2021

My journey from tag #50 to #150 was a swift three rounds, or not so swift the last one, tangling with the Mighty Gaw!

I shot a halfway decent round (for me) at the Feb monthly tag release and received the #50 tag out of 70 players. WEB was there, didn’t play, and got the #71 tag. He immediately set his sights on my #50. But what with the weather and other distractions we were unable to set up a challenge. I played a tag round at the O with Bjorn and Jeff and would have had to give up #50 but Bjorn couldn’t find his tag and Jeff declared the round null and void.

At the first Weds night Singles at the O I tied my PB on the glo layout with a -2 but still slipped to the #80 tag. The following week I slipped to #100, a coveted number I was told. Day before the April Mighty Gaw monthly a dude was looking for a tag at the O. I said, you can buy mine, I can get a new one tomorrow. He didn’t really want to take my #100, but I said it was fine.

Luckily Jeff had an extra one, #150. I had a righteous group – Krebs, Craven and Sholty. The only problem was with U-Disc. We got Sholty registered but the app wouldn’t add him to the card. The whistle had blown for the start of the round so I randomly tried to add a different name from the Skylands pool. It worked. We started on hole 10 so Sholty had to play the back nine under a different identity, evoking references to the movie Being John Malkovich and other identity theft scenarios.

After hole 18 I inadvertently registered the scorecard. As far as U-Disc was concerned we had completed the round but since we hadn’t played the front nine, we were all DNF’d. Of course we continued, reverting to pencil scorecard. At least Sholty got his identity back. I’m not sure who he shot better as, himself or his alias. I only knew it was better than me. Might Gaw beat me like a Mongolian beats a rug, like a shaman beats a drum, like a convict beats his meat. I was last in line and got my newly-issued #150 right back.

If anyone sees WEB, tell him I’m coming for his #71 (if he still has it!).


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