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Heady Putter

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The other night I said goodbye to an old friend – my true and trusted putter. It was a gift from The Alchemist brewery in Vermont, an Aviar with a Heady Topper stamp. Newly acquired, I carried it in my quiver for a while, using it sparingly, breaking it in gently. I remember when it first proved itself – Wolfe Woods, hole 10, a 50-ft throw-in. Instant promotion to the first team.

Many years and many putts

Many missed but many made

Playing glow under a full wolf moon, also in Wolfe Woods, Heady was released. Truth to tell, I knew he wanted it. See, he had been replaced by a Wizard after last year's Ice Bowl. I still carried him in my bag and threw him occasionally for some long attempts. He was the sage of my bag, the mentor of my discs. So when he jumped in the river I know why. With no LED light he disappeared in the full waters and the current took him.

I called off the fruitless search and said my mental goodbyes. Chances are Heady will wash up somewhere and be recovered. If he is thrown again, good luck to the thrower. If he comes back to me, he's going on the wall, scarred and beat up as he no doubt will be.

– Tony Forder

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Jeannine Marois
Jeannine Marois
09 de jan. de 2023

Ummmm sad!!!!

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