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Origins of Craft Beer

Origins of Craft Beer – Ale Street News'

Here’s a sneak peak at our upcoming Origins of Craft Beer – Ale Street News' first foray into the Beer Paradise of Belgium in 1996.

origins-craft beer-belgiumBeer Paradise
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My name is Jest Kruisin and this is a tale of crossing the ocean and becoming first infected, then thoroughly recycled by the spirit of America. This spirit is hard to find today, but a half century ago it was out there – on the hiways and byways of the American Road. This is a tale of latter day pioneers and perhaps the last of the beatniks. Disciples of Jack Kerouac, who said an unequivocal yes to everything in their quest to go furthur, to quench the unquenchable – a roving band of hungry pranksters, opportunistic, alert, friendly, approachable, scruffy philosophers.

Chapter 1Jest Kruisin
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Chapter 3Jest Kruisin
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Chapter 5Jest Kruisin
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Chapter 7Jest Kruisin
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Chapter 9Jest Kruisin
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Chapter 2Jest Kruisin
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Chapter 4Jest Kruisin
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Chapter 6Jest Kruisin
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Chapter 8Jest Kruisin
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Chapter 10Jest Kruisin
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Chapter 11Jest Kruisin
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Chapter 1

Our young hero Jest Kruisin begins to follow where the finger of destiny is pointing.


Chapter 2

Having leaped across the Atlantic, JK discovers a greased thumb and welcome to the US, coast to coast.


Chapter 3

Cardboarhog – the origins.


Chapter 4

JK continues his quest to find America…and himself.


Chapter 5

The fateful meeting at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Chapter 6

The Cardboarhog chugs up to Colorado with its new crew members.


Chapter 7

Down and out in Denver.


Chapter 8

Holing up in New Mexico.


Chapter 9

Scampering around the canyons of Utah.


Chapter 10

Cheer and freeloadin’ in Las Vegas and back to Calif.


Chapter 11


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