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Spicy Pickled Hopshoots

Updated: May 26, 2021

This recipe can also be used for asparagus, green beans, broccoli rabe, anything long, green and thin. Scroll down for recipe.

I first discovered pickled hopshoots at the Mondial de la Biere Festival in Montreal. And now that I am involved in growing hops, I decided to try my hand at pickling these delicious, tender savory treats.

Historically hopshoots were prized by the Royals of England; they would send the serfs out to search the spring hedgerows for wild hops. They are delicious sautéed in a little butter and garlic, but I prefer them pickled.

Cutting back the hopshoots in the spring is actually beneficial for your crop as the later hop shoots are stronger and give a better yield of hop cones for harvest. So, if you grow your own hops or know someone who does, when those first shoots sprout in May you can get your clippers out.

Recipe for approx. 1 doz 8-oz pickling jars.

16 cups hop shoots, blanched (I gallon).

6 cups vinegar (cider vinegar is recommended but white can work as well).

3 cups water

1 12oz bottle/can beer (session IPA is good).

1 cup sugar

½ cup salt

½ cup pickling spice (premixed or blend your own peppercorns and mustard seed.

½ cup fresh garlic chopped but chunky.

¼ cup dried chili peppers

Blanch the hopshoots by submerging in boiling water then transferring to cold (ice) water. Drain. Warm the liquids together and add sugar, salt and spices. This is your pickling juice.

Pack the hop shoots into the jars one by one, adding some garlic chunks and dried chilis midway. Fill with pickling juice and seal. The pickled hopshoots can be enjoyed after a week or too, although they improve with some age.


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