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Schroeder's Island Pig Roast

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

River running over rocks

Bare rocks bake in the sun

A dry one

People ease in between the trees

The weekend is on

Weekend of labor

Keg fuels the effort

Of making the feast

Schroederman oversees

Willing helpers

Willy the pig man

And River Ray

Skin the porcine soul

String it up

Logs burn, heat at the heart

Of the party

Cooled by the keg

People meet at the matrix

Lady Lynn sees all to its proper place

Clink of horsehoe and notes of a flute

Rustle of wind and shouts of children

The older ones called in to work

To gather ferns to cover the pig

The fire goes hot

Gleaming red rocks, blue, white

Bake the meat

That falls off the bone

Into stomachs

Mixing with beer, wine, whiskey

Into the night

Into infinity

NYS, 1999


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