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Bloody Limey/ Limaria

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

This is the Limetree’s take on the classic Bloody Mary or Bloody Maria. The difference between Mary and Maria is of course vodka* or tequila, or this recipe also works for a Virgin Limey (if you can find one lol!); and the main difference between this and the classic is, you guessed it – Limes, lots of them.

Makes 16 oz, enough for 2 cocktails

10 oz tomato juice

3 oz vodka or tequila

Juice of 3 or 4 limes

Flavorings – splash or pinch:

Worcestershire sauce

Tabasco or other hot sauce

Salt or celery salt

Black pepper

Horseradish, teaspoon of prepared

Or preferably fresh grated.

Mix spirits, tomato juice and limes (blender, not necessary).

Add flavorings and mix well.

Pour into a 16-oz glass (or jar) ¾ with ice.

Garnish with lime slice, celery, olives.

If you really want to make a meal of it, you can add such items as:

scallions, gherkins, l hop shoots, jumbo shrimp, bacon strip, beef jerky.

If you like it dirty add a teaspoon of olive juice.

Double everything for 4 cocktails.

Optional: Splash of maple syrup. Fresh garlic or powder.

Trader Joe’s chile lime seasoning. Capers


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