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CARDBOARHOG!! (audio book)

CARDBOARHOG!! (audio book)

“CARDBOARHOG!!”, Tony’s depiction of fictional character Jest Kruisin, channeling Jack Kerouac and searching for the spirit of America in a 1970s-era hitchhiking adventure. 

©2021 by Limetree Productions

  • CARDBOARHOG!! Chapter 1 -11

    Chapter 1 - Our young hero Jest Kruisin begins to follow where the finger of destiny is pointing.

    Chapter 2 - Having leaped across the Atlantic, JK discovers a greased thumb and welcome to the US, coast to coast.

    Chapter 3 - Cardboarhog – the origins.

    Chapter 4 - JK continues his quest to find America…and himself.

    Chapter 5 - The fateful meeting at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

    Chapter 6 - The Cardboarhog chugs up to Colorado with its new crew members.

    Chapter 7- Down and out in Denver.

    Chapter 8 - Holing up in New Mexico.

    Chapter 9 - Scampering around the canyons of Utah.

    Chapter 10 - Cheer and freeloadin’ in Las Vegas and back to Calif.

    Chapter 11 - Epilogue 

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